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About Our Company and Us…

REEDS+Partners (PTY) Ltd was founded in 2013 by uniting and entering in joint venture with some of the best companies in South Africa that holds a broad spectrum of expertise in Construction, Forestry and Mining industries.

This was the Birth of a Group of Companies who shared the same principals and vision that the best way to achieve the clients’ goals was by sharing their vision of success.

Not just in the terms of final product but in each step of the process.  

Since 2013 REEDS+Partners has served the infrastructure needs of clients throughout South Africa as a leading Company in Construction, Civil Engineering, Maintenance, Mining and Forestry. By working with us you can trust us to deliver the result that surpass your expectation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

A Focus on Quality…

At REEDS+Partners we believe that every project should be done right the first time. By focusing on safety and efficiency in all that we do, we can provide on-time results that exceed the expectations of our clients. As a self-performing construction builder, our company has the expertise required to directly control the project’s quality, budget, schedule, and safety.

We understand that time and quality are of utmost importance on projects and our infrastructure recognize this importance, not just the owners, but to the organization as a whole. We take the time to establish a project schedule, and we use this plan to track and monitor the progress of our work. With us on your side for your projects, you will have your project completed on time and on budget.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Discover Our Company Today…

REEDS+Partners is fully BEE and a proudly Accredited and Registered Company providing building, construction, maintenance, civil engineering, mining, forestry and management solutions under one roof.

We are based in East London and offers services in the Eastern Cape and adjoining provinces since our founding in 2013. With more than 1,100 pieces of equipment at our disposal, we have the technology needed to handle even the most complex project. 

REEDS+Partners (PTY) Ltd

Every Project… Every Detail… Every Time.

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24hrs Customer Support…

Our Dedicated Teams offers Professional Assistance on a 24 hour basis and gets Supported by Advanced and Innovative Systems to Save you Time and Money.

Turnkey Solutions…

From Quote to Completion… We offer Professional Services and Management Solutions as a Registered Service Provider.

Innovate Management Systems…

Our Strategic Comparison and Innovative Procurement Systems has led to numerous Successful Negotiations and Projects under our Name and has became a Trusted Brand under Home Owners, Companies and Associations.

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